Three options:

1.) RIPS can be downloaded and installed as an offline version.

2.) Applied Network Solutions sends you a data storage device to install RIPS.

3.) Applied Network Solutions’ staff visit your office, install the software on your servers and set it up according to your requirements. In this case, the technical requirements must be available and the company’s travel expenses will need to be covered.

If you intend to set up RIPS on your own, you will receive a manual to help you with the installation of the system and the use of the RIPS Manager.


You will receive access to an online version of RIPS. The user downloads all the RIPS programmes and will have to download copies of Microsoft SQL Server from Microsoft.

A user manual will help you to set up RIPSWeb through the RIPS Manager.

Any tailored versions of RIPS can be supplied by Applied Network Solutions, who will be happy to quote for this.